Cleaning of wigs

- May 15, 2017-

1, as far as possible not to close to the high temperature, because the material relationship false hair is not high temperature

2, most fake hair can be dyed, if need pruning can please professional stylist trim finishing hairstyle

3, fake hair is usually 1-2 to 6 months or so wash 1 times

4, cold or warm water washing, wash when using the general shampoo OK can be matched with general hair conditioner

5, wash the fake hair as far as possible do not use a hairdryer such as high-temperature wind blowing dry, apply dry towel gently suction dry hair on the excess moisture in the ventilation to avoid the sun's direct drying of fake hair damage

6, after washing do not immediately comb the fake hair should wait for fake hair dry after carding

7, use fake hair special comb combs (the store sells price ranges) cannot use plastic comb comb

8, the volume of hair basically do not use combs, the volume of the place after each take a good hand to tidy up

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