Hair Care Knowledge

- May 15, 2017-

The knowledge about the hair care appears on the network very wide, but you know, we are not the lack of hair care knowledge, but adhere to the two words! Maybe you'll care about your hairstyle, but if there is no good maintenance of their own hairstyle, she will pull the hind legs more tightly, the hair care is not imagined difficult, perhaps only a food, or may be the way to wash the hair, even a comb of the models are inseparable from the two words have a relationship.

Soy contains rich nutrients, in the human body through digestion, can be converted into small molecules, these small molecules can reduce the prostate hypertrophy and male baldness risk. In the study, it was found that when the soybean was absorbed by the body, the small intestine could not be produced. Can prevent the human DHT and the male hormone combination, so when you eat the soybean after the human body is decomposed absorption, will hinder the human DHT activities, indirect reduction of prostate hypertrophy and male baldness, to prevent the effect of hair loss.

Eggs are one of the most common foods in people's lives now. and eggs contain a lot of proteins and vitamins, especially eggs in the egg clear of the protein contains the most nutrients, eggs can not only whiten skin, but also can make the skin delicate and silky, also can heat detoxification and enhance the skin's own immune function. There is also a kind of folk saying that egg washing hair, but also can play the effect of additional hair care.

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