Hair Extensions- Something You Should Know

- Jul 19, 2017-

Are you going for a hair extension? Here are somethings you should know about it.


§ This all depends on the style you’re going for, how long you want it to last, and how natural you want it to both look and feel. Almost all of the stylists recommend human hair, as it will blend seamlessly with your own locks. There are many grades of human hair varying from those blended with synthetic hair all the way up to the rawest form of 100% virgin, unaltered hair.

§ Kimble is all for virgin Remy hair and breaks down the meaning for us: “As you might imagine, ‘virgin’ means that it has never been processed. ‘Remy’ means that it has been collected in such a way that the cuticles of each individual hair are intact and the cuticles on all the hairs run in the same direction.” She adds, “In short, this means the hair is softer and silkier than other types. It is the highest quality hair and can be quite pricey, but you really do get what you pay for.” What about synthetic hair? “I don’t recommend synthetic hair,” Kimble says, “It just won’t blend in with your natural hair as well, and it’s more likely to get tangled and damaged.”

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