How should a wig wash? How often do you wash it?

- May 15, 2017-

Cleaning wigs will relate to the length of the hairstyle of the problem, so please be careful when cleaning, attention skills.

Cleaning time: According to the frequency you wear to determine how long to wash a wig, wigs and our own hair is the same, if long wear, sweating, stained with dirt and other impurities, if not promptly cleaned continue to wear, will give you a sense of discomfort.

Cleaning method: The wig wash with clean water, can appropriately add a small amount of shampoo or special wig washing liquid, gently rub can. Note Not to use the hot air blowing dryer, should first use dry towel gently suction dry excess moisture, and then put to the ventilation (avoid sunshine) to dry naturally.

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