How to Apply Regular Conditioner to Hair

- Aug 04, 2017-

The regular application of shampoo removes grime and dirt buildup on your locks. Unfortunately, shampoo can also remove all the helpful natural oils. Once these natural oils are removed, strands are left dry, damaged, and frizzy.

Enter the conditioner. A regular conditioner is more than enough to fight the above problems and make strands look so good that they will look no different from Human Hair Extensions Online products. However, the benefits of using this product can only be fully appreciated when it is applied properly.

Select which conditioner is best for the type of strands you have. Regular conditioners are usually applied when taking a shower, immediately after rinsing the shampoo out. Usually, this product fixes the damage that chemicals, hot tools, and wear-and-tear can do, but only if the product you use is the one that is advertised to work for whatever needs your locks have. There are regular conditioners suited for frizzy and curly strands, dry and damaged strands, and limp strands.

Wash the strands, making sure that the washing routine you’re used to is followed, and that you use your favourite brand and blend of shampoo to give strands and scalp a good scrubbing. More emphasis should be given on the scalp, however. When you do this, extra care should be taken to avoid tugging wet hair, which can cause damage to the ends and breakage.

Rinse the strands of shampoo. When you do this, make sure the water you use is cold, which is safer on the head than hot water. It’s also important that you avoid tugging on any strands when you run fingers through them. Stop when the texture of your locks is ‘squeaky.’

Wring out the strands. Wet locks will cause all conditioner applied to run off and not stay long to have any effect on the strands, so make sure that they are wrung out.

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