How to properly handle wigs

- May 15, 2017-

Do you have any tricks on the wig? A fashion wig can make your shape easily transform, with the modern beauty of the demand for wigs is becoming more prevalent, there are many styles, we often see on TV beautiful Moot wearing wigs at the same time you echocardiography? The reason for the wig is so popular, because it is convenient to carry and change various hairstyles at any time.

If you are useful in a fashion wigs do not know how to do care Please note browsing this article, in the cleaning of wigs many people have taken the wrong way, such as using boiled water to disinfect, wearing a long time hair is hard to use vinegar bubble, these are serious damage to stimulate.

Disinfection can use warm water immersion for 1 hours, not only anti-virus can also make a qualitative change of soft. Wigs can not erupt gum, before wearing to shake a wig, so texture clearer, more hierarchical sense.

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