How to Wash The Hair Extensions?

- Jul 21, 2017-

If the way of washing hair extensions is in wrong way,it will make you disappointed.There are some stips to help you find a set of cleaning it, to ensure your hair extensions can be used for a long time, no matter what the level it belongs to.

1.Use a special comb (antistatic) to keep the hair extension;

2.Hand washing, Do not use the washing machine;

3.Selection combo shampoo, avoid hard scrub, hand gently scratched hair on it;

4.Rinse with clean water;

5.Dry With towel (block 2-3),do not tighten by hand or washing machine to dry;

6.Natural dry, avoid exposing in the sun;

7.When the hair is about to dry,grasp the hair gently,and then combing it with a special comb;

8.For the clear hair extension,if you don’t wear it frequently,it’s better to spray a little hair oil;

9.The clear hair extension should be kept in dry place.

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