Maintenance of Hair Extension

- Jul 21, 2017-

1.Combing the hair extension gently.the hair sets should be combed before using, combing the extension after wearing. Combing it generally use the more sparse comb as well, when combing the extension using oblique side of the card method ,PLZ do not straight comb.

2.Do not use hairpins. In order to prevent the wind to wipe the hair extension, some people like to use a hairpin to hold it. However, the hair can not be treated violently. Otherwise,it iseasy to hook the net sets of the hair extension.Therefore, it is best not to use hairpins, can be used in the extension on the use of decorative hair band fixed to live.

3.Do not tweak the hair extension your hands when washing.usually two or three months once washing is appropriate.Before washing, first combed the hair extension, put hair conditioner with a dilute solution while washing carding.DO not foam the extension in the washing liquid wash.And the application is using both hands gently to wash it above the bubble, and then dry naturally, avoid exposing in the sun.

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