The hair care cannot be ignored

- May 15, 2017-

Many people will ignore the importance of scalp care, always focus on the hair, in fact, according to the different seasons, scalp care will also change: The summer should use the mint to chip, winter use nourishing repair type. In fact, the scalp and the skin of the face, is the need for meticulous maintenance. Dry scalp dandruff is more, because the hair is dry, the cuticle is prone to peeling off, aggravating the phenomenon of dandruff. For dandruff, can use the water Supplement shampoo, increase the number of hair conditioner use, also should pay attention to the scalp sunscreen, reduces the ultraviolet ray to the scalp harm. Oily scalp aging slowly, but the fat root is always flat collapse invisible, in the image is to be troubled. Essential Oils added to the scalp maintenance products can effectively improve the oil phenomenon. Mint is only cool, but it can't inhibit the scalp oil, so mint is just a symptom of the cure. If the scalp does not have a little care to cause the hair is withered!

Eat more fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables if intake is too low, can cause metabolic balance in the body; the nutrient absorption of hair will also be hindered, if you have hemorrhoids will accelerate the head of hair loss. Now autumn has come, people like to wear hats out; but if you often wear hats, ignore to "hair" breathing, long time do not let the scalp hair breathable, easy to stuffy hair cause hair loss; So often see a person wearing hats, so it is possible that this man will become bald.

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