The secret of the autumn protection

- May 15, 2017-

Wheat, gold color, cool. These are the beautiful and the autumn is accompanied by a hint of intense emotion has inseparable association. You may feel a little cold in the autumn, but that's not enough to make your mood. But the autumn damp season can rob us of our beautiful and less rich hair. If not in the autumn to care for good hair, not only or a large number of hair shedding body thereby also can cause scalp allergy itching and other symptoms. What if the scalp itch appears? The secret of the autumn protection hair must say!

Some people just wash their head, but still feel very uncomfortable always want to scratch. Especially when seasonal seasons are evident. In fact, not only the scalp dirty will appear itchy situation, so pay attention to keep clean only on the one hand Oh. Believe that many friends will have this experience, that is, the more scratching the itch, especially in the nail to scratch the special conquered, although a few seconds after a short respite, but will be more severe. So if the scalp itches, do not use the nails to grasp, to use the abdomen. Cut the nails short, revealing the abdomen, using massage to relieve itching, but also can make people calm down.

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