The summer does not care hair even photos are not photogenic

- May 15, 2017-

Summer is a hair killer, intense ultraviolet rays and sultry weather can easily injure hair health, we usually want to have a very straight and supple hair, but you know? Very straight, very smooth hair in modelling is difficult to achieve perfection, because they often soon will be a wisp of drop in. This is not recently a netizen on the internet a few photos after being netizens ridicule, more netizens exclaim shouted: God! Summer does not care hair even photos are not photogenic.

Summer, regardless of skin or hair is required to be cautious, a little careless will lead to a series of health damage! Especially for straight-haired, the most important thing to remember is: some hairstyles for straight hair, anyway will not be maintained for a long time, so it is advisable to try, they include: hierarchical hairstyle, dynamic contour and internal and external hair. These three hairstyle will be straight hair because of the very long droop. Therefore, direct-fat people should avoid these hairstyles.

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