Why Choose Clip in Hair Extensions?

- Jul 20, 2017-

Clip-in is currently the most popular type of hair extension. This can be fitted at home in a few minutes without any help of a hairstylist. You can wear Clip-in hair as often as you like. Clip-in method is very gentle to your own hair.
Winsky Hair clip-in remy human hair extensions are the perfect solution for those who want longer, fuller hair without the wait. Winsky Hair Extensions are top of the line and can be easily placed just by clipping them in without the hassle of glues, tapes or thread. Our hair extensions are made from selected human hair collected from one donor. Our clip in hairs are double drawn providing thickness from roots to hair ends.All the clips are already attached and silicone-coated for a strong hold. You do not have to worry about possible slipping.

One of the best things about clip-in hair extensions is that they can be worn whenever and wherever you want! Clip-in hair extensions are an excellent choice for any formal occasion.Wearing hair extensions can easily reduce every-day hair maintenance, which also will increase your confidence level.

We do not, however, recommend that you wear clip-in hair extensions while swimming or taking a shower, as it may tangle in with your hair and cause damage to both your hair and your extensions.

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