Why Tape-In Hair Extensions Are For Everyone

- Sep 08, 2017-

We all know that not everyone is gifted with long and thick hair. All those girls in magazines and tv commercials flipping their hair like a goddess just never fail to amaze us. For some people, no amount of combing, shampooing, or even applying hair treatments is enough to achieve the length and thickness that they want. Fortunately, there is a solution to that frustration of yours--hair extensions. You may be familiar with them--clip-ins, glue-ins, and tape-ins are just some examples of them. There are many types, that is true. But among these many types, it is tape-in hair extensions that are considered by most ladies to be the best option. See why they think that such products from Human Hair Extension Online are for everyone.

They look real

Tape-ins blend in with your natural hair so you don’t have to worry about it getting seen by other people. The bonds that are attached to your head are completely flat making it invisible and doesn’t make you itch or uncomfortable. Despite this, you should still remember to match your hair’s thickness, texture, and color with the extension that you will be purchasing so that you won’t look funny when they’re on. Also, when looking for a new set of tape-ins, always choose those made of 100% natural materials. Because if you don’t, you may end up getting a bald patch on your head just like the other celebrity rumors that we’ve heard from the past.

They’re easy to take care of

Basically, you can just treat them the same way you would your real hair. You can wash, straighten, and curl your extensions, but since they are not part of your body, you should just do these as softly as possible. Also, as long as they’re on, you should just wash your hair at least once a week with dry shampoo to make it look healthy. As for brushing, it should only be done whenever you feel that they’re tangled. But be sure to brush carefully by holding the tape bonds. Take note that using high silicone or sulphate products may affect the tape bonds and will cause your extension to slip off.  Do not sleep while your tape-ins are wet. Just make sure that your hair is dry before you sleep and get them pulled up to avoid sleeping on them which will get them tangled. The level of care needed for your extensions should be of the same level as the care the stylist did during the installation.

They don’t cause any harm

Many women on the internet complain about hair extensions saying that these damaged their hair and caused major hair loss. In fact, even celebrities have stories of huge bald patches and extensive breakage due to extensions. One explanation is the type of extension they used required a lot of treatment and procedures. Another explanation is the product being just completely unreliable. That is why you should consider carefully where to buy a reliable set of hair extensions to avoid future damages. A lot of celebrities and fashion icons have been continuously using tape-ins for years. Why? Because they know how to handle it. In most cases, however, if the tape-ins are applied correctly, they will not bring about any misfortune.

Overall, tape-ins are considered the best type of extension by most experts around the world right now due to their easy application, close-to-real appearance, and low maintenance requirement. So if you’re still not sure whether to have tape-ins, clip-ins, or having the other types of extension methods, consult a trained stylist/professional who can help you acquire tape-in hair extensions.

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