​Washing Knowledge Of Pear Head Wig

- May 15, 2017-

Often wear wigs Meimei, do you understand the wig common sense? Especially those who love pear head of the Han's small fresh, pear hair wig and other Korean wigs or Japanese wigs, can be the same for girls to provide support for the modelling.

The washing method of pear head wig:

1, the Pear head wig hair put in the water that has already joined the shampoo soak about 10 minutes.

2, take out the hair, and then rinse the wig with water, in addition to the appropriate amount of moistening milk to soak in warm water for 5 minutes, and then rinse clean with rinse.

3, with dry hair net will wig gently pressed dry, do not use hair dryer to blow dry hair.

4, the moisture of the hair dried and then put it to dry naturally, but to avoid direct sunlight on the wig.


1, do not use combs comb wigs, if you want to comb the wig, it is best to buy a wig when the special comb to care.

2, do not use hair dryer blow dry wigs, wigs to put on the shelf to dry naturally.

3, the wig can not be again perm and dye hair.

4, do not use hot water to wash wigs. Do not use the hand to rub the wig when washing, soak for more than 10 minutes to be OK.

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