About Hair Extensions

- Jul 20, 2017-

Hair extensions can be divided into fiber hair extension and human hair extension.

1.fiber extension

With the characteristics of washing is not deformed, but when washing it ,PLZ do not rub it with hands, otherwise there will be sticky together phenomenon. Washing method: put the hair extension soaked in warm water, the shampoo containing warm water soak for 5 minutes; in the shampoo water, press the dirt cleared, rinse the water with water; the extension soaked in water containing conditioner 5 minutes, then rinse; tap brought out it on a towel, absorb moisture; smooth combing, dry naturally, can be recovered after drying. Before wears the hair extension, the hair should be combed as a whole, combed with wood combing tools. Do not wear a large area after combing, only for the local simple adjustment.

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