About Hair Extensions

- Jul 21, 2017-

Hair extensions can be divided into fiber hair extension and human hair extension.

2.human hair extension

The hair features soft, flexible, strong authenticity features.But it needs to be deformed and shape treatment after washing.Washing method: soaked the hair extension in warm water with shampoo, hand rub, wash the dirt; washed with water to the foam, and then conditioner care; wash the extension will carry out, with a dry towel light press, absorb moisture; put the hair extension on wooden pallet rack, smooth combing.According to the needs of hair for coil or hair styling.hair quality after washing all these need to re-form, using various hair grooming tool in accordance with needs. Most hair extension quality modeling should be carried out on the wood, but during the operation it should be repeated over the head of the wearer Look at the effect of making hairstyle for face.

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