Another Way Serum Can Be Used Requires That It Be Applied To Wet Locks

- Aug 25, 2017-

Using the Correct Amount of Serum
1. Blot two drops of serum to wet locks. Make sure to distribute the substance evenly across all parts of the hair.

2. Style as you normally would, making sure that, prior to styling with heat, heat protectant spray is applied. You want to make sure that strands are kept as vibrant and as strong as possible so less serum is needed.

3. Once you have styled your strands, squirt a tiny amount of serum onto your palm. Add more as necessary.

4. Properly rub the serum between your palms to ensure the even distribution of serum across your locks.

Proper Application of the Serum
1. Serum should first be applied to the back part of your locks. Avoid starting at the top or front part, or you risk ruining your style. Instead, use hands to blot serum gently to tips and midsection of strands, moving from back to front. This way, if too much serum has been applied, then it’s hard to notice.

2. If your strands still feel and look dry, apply another drop to your hand. Rub it between palms, then apply to the sides and the front of the head.

3. Curl tiny pieces of strands. After blotting strands with serum and achieving the desired shine, check if your locks seem a bit flat. If so, re-curl or re-style strands to energise it once more.

4. Find out if the serum is working for you. If, after two hours or one day, the serum leaves your strands heavy and greasy, find another product you can use. The one you are currently using might not be suited to the type of strands you have.

The application of serum to one’s crowning glory is an amazing way to sort out frizz and dullness. Thus, it follows that it is a great way to ensure that long hair extensions from Queensland blend well with your natural strands.

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