Choose The Reason For Weaving Hair Replacement

- May 15, 2017-

1, Hair quality 2, the scalp material 3, production process 3, product modelling 4, after-sales service

Today, we'll look at the hair of the hair-replacement product how to choose:

Hair as a replacement of the main body, hair is very important for the request, because weaving hair replacement as a wig high-end products, are using human hair, below I will study how to choose a human hair.

From the raw material origin of hair, the distribution of China, India, Myanmar hair, Mongolia hair, and so on, generally China hair-prone to the best; from the kind of speaking, divide bubble hair (i. e. scattered hair) and hair and so on. The difference of the material determines the quality of hair, so it has a very important effect on the weaving and replacement of the products.

For Europe and the United States, their hair is softer, and relatively small, they tend to prefer India or Brazil.

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