Dunhuang Network Initiated The Evaluation Of Hair Products Sellers: Failing Will Be Cleared

- Jan 09, 2019-

[Yibang Power Network News] May 24 news, Yibang Power Network was informed that Dunhuang Network will be in 

July this year from the hair products industry first class all sellers to assess, non-standards will be 

cleared .

According to the Dunhuang network, reaching any of the following standards, Dunhuang will implement the 

clearance treatment for sellers:

1. The individual seller's monthly GMV is 0 or the enterprise seller has a GMV of 0 for two consecutive 


2. The dispute rate of the seller is higher than 30%;

3. The seller's refund rate is higher than 15%.

According to the Dunhuang network, new sellers are also required to participate in the assessment after they 

have registered for 3 months, and the sellers who have been retired may not operate the products of the hair 

products industry. Currently, the rules use categories include hair extensions under the hair product 

category, wig sets, hair care and salon supplies, and wig tools and headwear.

According to the billion state power network, this year, the Dunhuang network attracted a big change. On the 

26th of last month, Dunhuang Network released four new policies, indicating that it will accelerate the 

transition to the Great Trade by dividing the industry management categories, adjusting the platform 

commission system, setting up wholesale channels and establishing offline payment channels.

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