How To Clean And Maintain A Hair Replacement

- May 15, 2017-

Weaving hair reissue in People's Daily life has become more and more widespread, but how do we do routine cleaning and maintenance?

1, first take a small basin, put in the appropriate warm water (30 ℃ ~40 ℃).

2, squeeze the appropriate amount of shampoo into the pot, with the hand in the basin, and then use the comb to comb the hair, then comb shun put into the basin, must follow the direction of the hair in the prescribed washing, and rinse with lukewarm water in the direction of the hair.

3, the same method with hair conditioner cleaned once again, you should let the conditioner retain a few minutes on the hair, then gently comb through the hair, can make the hair more shiny, supple, natural.

4, use dry towel will hair piece gently wipe dry, and avoid making hair knot.

5, do not use combs to scrape the roots of hair, do not hand rubbing, lest the hair roots and net bottom loose.

6, weaving is the contact product, wear conditions different washing cycle is also different, like our own hair one weeks can wash 2~~3 times, but usually sleep at night is not wearing hair, so the weaving cycle is also different from the real hair as dense, depending on the wearing situation, 15~~20 day to wash one can.

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