How To Determine Porosity

- Sep 19, 2017-

Wash strands as you would on a typical day. Rinse any cleaning products out of hair properly.
l Partly dry your locks using a towel, making sure your locks aren’t dripping wet. Avoid drying locks too much, or it becomes difficult to determine porosity.
l Feel locks in your hands. To do this, take a chunk of strands and feel them from root to tip. Squeeze this chunk of strands to feel moisture. If this bunch of strands feels so dry at this point, your locks have low porosity. Otherwise, if your locks feel sticky, as if it will take forever for the water to evaporate, then your locks have high porosity, and they can retain moisture.
l Test a strand by placing it in a small bowl of water. If the strand does not sink, it has low porosity. But if the strand quickly sinks, it has high porosity.
l Test locks again on another day. The weather can affect the test. For example, if, on the day of testing, the weather is humid, your locks might react differently than if the testing was done on a dry day.

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