How To Remove Different Types Of Hair Extensions—Tape In

- Jul 31, 2017-

1. Divide hair into sections
Right before you start pulling out those tapes, make sure to part your strands into workable sections. Gather all of your real strands including the extensions but leave one section at the base of your head near the nape. Create a ponytail out of the hair you’ve gathered and tie it with an elastic band.

2. Apply some oil at the tapes
Put on any kind of oil (preferably an oil that is healthy for your strands such as coconut, olive or almond) and allow it to sit on a section for about 15 minutes. This helps in breaking up the chemical bonds found in the tapes. You may gently rub the oil along the tape to help the bonds break down faster.

3. Gently pull away the tape wefts
When you finally notice that the tape is now easier to remove, carefully peel it off from your original strands. Always remember to do it one at a time and in a gentle manner. Do the same with the remaining tape wefts.

4. Apply conditioner and wrap around a towel
To remove any residue from the tapes, rinse your tresses thoroughly first and then apply an ample amount of conditioner on your locks. Massage the conditioner on your roots. After which, wrap your entire head with a towel. Wait for at least 20 minutes before unwrapping.

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