How To Remove Different Types Of Hair Extensions—Sew-In

- Jul 31, 2017-

1. Create a ponytail
Gather all of your natural strands together with your extensions to create a ponytail. Secure with an elastic band or a huge clip.

2. Take out a section of your hair from the ponytail
To guarantee zero damage after the removal, you have to carefully remove the wefts one at a time. Separate your tresses into small sections. You may start pulling out a small section just at the back of your head near the nape. We advise that you use a long pointed end comb or a rat tail comb in pulling out the sections.

3. Snip out the thread
Sew ins are named that way because threads are used in attaching them to your head. Look for the thread using your fingers and snip it out. Run your fingertips at the ridge of the seam where the sew in is directly attached. Take out needle nose scissors to pull the thread and snip it. If you’re doing this by yourself, use a mirror to easily locate the end of the thread. But if you prefer, you can also ask a friend to help you out.

4. Unravel the thread
Once you have snipped out the end of the thread, you may now gently unravel it away from the scalp. Gently pull the weft away but make sure to hold your natural hair at the roots while doing this to prevent any damage. Do the same with the other sew in wefts.

5. Detangle
Comb your strands to remove any tangles after you’ve removed all the wefts. Start combing from the roots down to the tips.

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