Recipe For Rainy Season Hair

- May 15, 2017-

Many ladies in the shampoo often use dry towel to wipe, in fact, this hinders the hair body's normal development, the first is to organize it absorbs moisture, the second is prone to damage to hair. This gentleman does a better, because many men often choose not to wipe the head after washing, or casually wipe, in the inadvertently protects the hair, this is said to live habits, if there is a good living habits so caring for hair is around us, and very simple.

In the wet rainy season we will find that the hair will present a curved state, in the natural state, the hair has different forms, some people's hair thin and upright, some people's hair is bent or presents other forms. With the in-depth study on the physiology of hair, people gradually reveal the reasons for the diversification of hair surface structure. Some studies have shown that the surface morphology of hair is closely related to the growth rate, and it is associated with the biological force of hair in the process of formation. These effects are multifaceted, including dermal connective tissue, hair follicles, and Mao Qiu activity of cells, and the biological forces that are formed by the hair itself.

If you find your hair a problem in the rainy season, you can use the old one. such as tonic, eat some fresh water compounds of food, vitamins, sea algae, many people do not love to eat fish, feel very fishy, in fact, fish is no less than any kind of organic protein meat, the people living near the island's body is healthy, this is because they often live on fish. Whether it is braised fish, or raw, or pot Tang Na taste is very good.

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