Some Good Habits To Prevent Hair Loss

- May 15, 2017-

1, drink plenty of water

Water is very important to hair, the south is generally higher hair because the south is more water, so drink enough water, hair is very helpful.

2. Nutrient equilibrium

Nutrition is critical for hair, and copper deficiency tends to lead to hair loss and white hair. Iodine deficiency can lead to insufficient secretion of thyroxine, and the growth of thyroid gland with the hair is positive correlation, thyroid hormone resolution deficiency, can lead to hair loss. Protein, protein is the main component of hair, so protein nutrition to the importance of hair is undoubtedly. Therefore, reasonable supplementary nutrition is the basic requirement to prevent hair loss.

3, adequate sleep

Adequate sleep helps to relax the mood to reduce stress, and sleep can cause the scalp to organize normal metabolism, which helps prevent hair loss occurring.

4. Moderate Exercise

Daily exercise helps to improve their immunity, relieve stress, accelerate blood circulation, and reduce hair loss. What if there is a non-restorative hair loss? A haircut will be your choice, even better than your own hair.

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