The Complete Guide For Buying And Wearing Hair Extensions

- Jul 14, 2017-

The Complete Hair Extensions Guide
When it comes to buying hair extensions, especially if you never used them before, picking the right texture, color, and length can be much more difficult than you might have thought. However, that should not stop you, as we have covered pretty much every scenario imaginable below.

Hair Extension Attachment Types
Clip-in Hair Extensions

The most popular extensions in our store and with good reason: they are super easy to attach and remove without damaging your hair.

- Cold Fusion (Stick) Hair Extensions 

As the name implies, these cold fusion extensions are for long-term results. Your hair is inserted through a small ring and then attached using pliers.

- Hot Fusion (Keratin) Hair Extensions 

The most natural way to give your hair volume as these extensions are applied by melting keratin (a natural protein) and fused with your own hair.

Micro Ring Loop Hair Extensions 

The attachment method of these extensions is similar to that of a stick hair extensions and is preferred by women who love to “do it yourself” and save money by not visiting a stylist.

Tape-in Hair Extensions 

Our seco
nd most popular item in the store, and here is why: they are easy to apply (just like clip-ins) but are fused using a tape, which guarantees longer term results.

Hair Wefts 

Hair wefts are for wo
men and stylists who already have at least some experience with hair extensions, as they don’t come with any attachment.

Instant Flip-ins 

Now these extensions have many different names, but the idea remains the same: it is a single weft (held with a loop / wire) that is placed at
the top of your head. After few minutes of raising your own hair and masking the wire, you can achieve a new look in minutes.

What Texture Hair Should You Get?

You might laugh at us for being “captain obvious”, but this is one important thing women should consider, especially if they have curly hair:

Straight Hair 

This one is pretty simple, if you have straight hair and love the way it looks, go with the straight hair extensions.

Wavy and Curly Hair 

Now this is
where the situation gets a bit tricky. If you have straight hair, then wearing wavy extensions should not be a problem, as they will blend in with your own hair. The same applies for women who have wavy or curly hair.

So where does it get tricky? Some women are naturally curly and have a very specific hair texture, which preven
ts extensions from blending in properly. Of course, you can always use a hair weaver and style both your hair and extensions so they match. However, if you are one of the lucky ones, consider going with straight hair (yes, straight) and then asking your hair stylist to curl it. The result? An awesome hairstyle!

What Length Hair Extensions Should You Get?

When it comes to hair length, there is no single piece of advice that will suit everyone. However, we can still give you some guidelines that should help you along the way.

The picture above is pretty much self-explanatory but our rule of thumb is:


For Body Wave

Add an additional 2 inches (5 cm) to the length of the hair extensions to achieve a similar look.

- For Curly Hair

Add an additional 4 inches (10 cm) to the length of the hair extensions to achieve a similar look.

Your Height 

For Women Who Are 5.2 Feet (1.55m) and Shorter 

Take a look at the guide and subtract two inches (5 cm) for every 0.3 feet (10 cm).

For Women Who Are 5.3 - 5.5 Feet (1.6 - 1.65m) Tall 

Please use the picture above as your guide, keeping in mind that the hair length may vary per person.

For Women Who Are 5.6 - 5.9 Feet (1.7 - 1.8m) Tall 

Using the picture above, add around two more inches (5 cm) to the length of the hair extensions to achieve a similar look.

For Women Who Are 6 Feet (1.85m) and Taller 

Just add
two more inches (5 cm) for every 0.3 feet (10 cm).

Your Looks

Now that you know how the hair extensions will look on you, we are back to the original question: what length hair extensions should you get?

14 Inch (35 cm) and Below 

This le
ngth is great if you have shorter hair and simply want to add volume.

16 - 18 Inch (40 - 45 cm) 

If you have never used hair extensions before and don’t want to increase the length of your hair that much, considering going with the 18-inch version.

20 - 22 Inch (50 - 55 cm) 

This is our most popular length and there is a reason for that: these extensions look amazing on pretty much everyone and create the “hair goddess” effect.

24 Inch (60 cm) and Above 

For women who want to achieve the “wow” factor and look like a model from a shampoo commercial.

What Weight Hair Extensions Should You Get?

We are almost done, but we can’t let you go just yet. The next question that many women (and men) ask us is this: what weight hair extensions should I get? Here is your answer:

Most of the time, more weight means thicker hair. However, one should also keep in mind that 20-inch (100g) extensions differ from 16-inch (100g) hair. Below you will find a guide for 18 - 22 inch (45 - 55 cm) extensions.

30 - 70 Grams (0.3 - 0.7g / Strand) 

With the exception of tape in hair extensions (see why below), we advise you to only buy clip-in or other types of low weight extensions if you have either extremely thin hair or are just need some additional hair for styling. Otherwise, it might not cover your full head or would just look weird.

tape-ins, we recommend either 50 grams (0.5g per strand) or 100 grams (1g per strand) extensions. Since you can combine them into any bundles you want, the weight does not matter that much.

80 Grams (0.8g / Strand) 

Mostly used by women with thin hair who want to add volume or length.

90 - 120 Grams (0.9g - 1.2g / Strand) 

One gram per strand is the “industry-standard” and is perfect for women with thin hair or hair of average thickness. Not only do these extensions add length, but they also increase your hair volume. For those with thin hair, the news is even better as they give much more dramatic results.

130 - 190 Grams (1.3g - 1.9g / Strand) 

These hair extensions are used by women with thick hair or by women with average hair who want to achieve a dramatic look. They are perfect for adding significant volume and length.

200 Grams and Above 

ugh some suppliers offer extensions that weigh 200 grams or more, we don’t recommend wearing them (and we have been in the business for more than 11 years). The reason? Such thick and heavy hair tends to put a lot of stress on your existing hair, as well as your scalp, resulting in faster hair loss and overall discomfort.

How Do You Choose the Right Color For Your Hair Extensions?

Have you ever had trouble picking the right color for your hair extensions? Mostly because the color palette pictures were too small or did not look that good?

Don’t worry! We have taken a bunch of high-quality pictures in direct sunlight using professional equipment.As far as the colors themselves go, the age old rule of thumb still applies here: lighter colors tend to make people look younger while darker colors will give you a more mature look.

Hair Extension Grades (AAAA, AAAAA+) Explained

As we mentioned earlier, we have been working in the hair industry for more than 10 years, and here is the truth: there are no grades.

A long time ago, some Asian hair suppliers started marking their hair extensions “AAA” grade, indicating the highest possible quality. Then smarter people decided to copy this very method, but add one more “A”, to indicate that their hair is of even better quality.

Fast forward to now and we have, AAA
AA+ and even 7A grade hair, but here is the real bummer: these grades mean nothing and were created merely for marketing purposes. A supplier may supply higher quality “AAA” hair than someone selling 8A or 10A premium hair.

ur advice? Ignore this marketing fluff and rely on real facts: weight, whether hair extensions are Remy or not (ours are), and customer reviews.

Double Drawn vs. Single Drawn Extensions

By now, some of you will already be familiar with the double drawn hair extensions, if not, don’t worry, the picture above speaks louder than a thousand words.

Basically, the double drawn extensions are trimmed (by hand) in a way, which eliminates shorter hair and gives
your hairstyle a much more defined look. That’s pretty much it. If you were to take 28” single drawn hair extensions and cut the last six inches (thinnest part), you would end up with hair that is similar to that of 22” double drawn.

Still want to learn more? Check our website post.

Reward Your
self and Get Sexy!

That's it! Reward yourself with a delicious piece of chocolate or your favorite food. Why? Because you have just finished our guide and learned pretty much everything (and more) about buying and wearing hair extensions.

So what should you do now? Use that knowledge and pick from some of
our awesome hair extensions!

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