The Henan Provincial Government Named The City Henan Province Hair Products Export Base

- Dec 06, 2018-

Recently, the Henan Provincial Government named the city "Henan Province Hair Products Export Base." In the next step, how can the hair products enterprises in the city give full play to the industrial agglomeration effect and the demonstration, radiation and driving effects of the provincial export base? On September 28, the reporter took these questions and interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce. The reporter learned that the city has proposed the development goals and positioning of Xuchang hair products industry from 2009 to 2020 according to the development trend of domestic and foreign hair products industry and the development status of Xuchang hair products industry, focusing on the implementation of the "1345" project. That is to build a base, expand 3 clusters, strengthen 4 faucets, and establish 5 centers.

The city is named "Henan Province Hair Products Export Base", which is an honor and affirmation, but also a spur and encouragement. On September 28, Ma Yuemin, head of the Foreign Trade Section of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said that according to the development trend of domestic and foreign hair products industry and the development status of Xuchang hair products industry, the city will focus on implementing the "1345" project from 2009 to 2020. To build a base, through industrial integration, structural upgrading and institutional innovation, Xuchang will become the world's largest hair products industry base; to expand three clusters, Xuchang County hair products cluster, national Xuchang Economic and Technological Development Zone hair products cluster Weidu District hair products cluster; strengthen 4 leading, Rebecca, Longzheng, Hengyuan, Ruitai four hair products enterprises; establish 5 centers, World Hair Products Information Center, World Hair Products Production Center, World Hair Products R&D Center, World Hair Products Industry Standards and Testing Center, World Hair Products Trading and Raw Material Reserve Center.

In addition, in order to correctly guide export enterprises to explore the international market, the city has established the “Xuchang City Hair Products Promotion Leading Group Office” to unify and coordinate the work of Xuchang Hair Products Export Base, and introduced the implementation of credit insurance companies. The financial subsidy of %, the financial interest subsidy for enterprises that import advanced manufacturing equipment, and the 200,000 yuan reward for enterprises that obtain famous brand products in Henan Province.

"In the future, with the strong support of government departments at all levels, Xuchang hair products industry will make greater contributions to the development of China's entire hair products industry, and will also become the world's hair products information center as soon as possible. Production centers, R&D centers, industry standard centers, and export centers have played an active role in promoting.” Ma Yuemin said that he firmly believes that the prospects of the hair products industry in the city are full of sunshine.

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