Tips For Picking Ladies Fashion Wigs

- May 15, 2017-

First, the hair of the wig mesh choice often wear the wig must pay attention to the net material comfortable and breathable, buy to try wearing a bit, see if there is uncomfortable feeling, then pull a wig inside the elastic band feel the tightness, attention is not loose is not tight is the best!

Two. Hair of wigs want to know the quality of the hair, then burn a few hairs with a lighter to try, if there is an unpleasant smell so faulty materials; it can also be used to open the highest air blower tuyere in the wig 5 seconds or so, how to be a real person will not have any anomalies, if other materials will emit an unpleasant smell.

Three. Choose the right to suit your wig hair color when you try to choose the color of the hair colors, white color mm can choose light brown, tan yellow; Black or brown color mm choose black or yellow, color yellow mm choose maroon and dark brown. If you wear a wig to touch the light, choose wine red, yellow, orange, red, purple, etc.

Four. Maintenance of the wig notices each material has a taboo in the wig, chemical fiber silk wig can not be washed with hot water, can not blow with the wind drum can not be exposed under the sun; true hair is used in the wind cylinder to make a slight stereotypes, it can be placed in the hair network to maintain a fluffy hair; and the chemical fiber and genuine mixed hair can not use detergent such as the detergent instead of washing the wig!

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