What Do You Want To Pay Attention To?

- May 15, 2017-

1, in the purchase of fake hair, should choose to be similar to their own hair color, so even if the original hair inadvertently exposed, will not be caused by chromatic aberration and eye-catching phenomena.

2, choose the hair color should be the time to choose the color of the hair colors, white-color mm can choose light brown, tan yellow color black mm Choose black or brown, yellow mm color, the choice of maroon and dark brown.

3, the purchase of fake hair in addition to choose the color style, but also to check the size of the purchase and quality, should choose the appropriate elastic wigs wear, to pay attention to breathability, and hair toughness, otherwise will cause scalp discomfort.

4, to know how the hair quality of the wig, can burn a few hair with a lighter to try, if the smell is so faulty materials; it can also be used to open the highest air blower tuyere in the wig for 5 seconds or so, the human hair wig will not have any abnormalities, if other materials will emit unpleasant smell.

5, should be appropriate to choose the wearing of the wig season, wigs in addition to beauty, but also has the effect of warmth, if the summer wearing a longer thick wig, the scalp is inconvenient to sweat.

6, the Best buy real hair wig, to choose the highest price as far as possible, to the regular shop to buy, so that the security of disinfection, such as post-processing, otherwise, some bad quality wig carry bacteria, with a lot of skin diseases.

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