Xu Chang College Students Born In The 1990s Sold Fake Hair For Two Years To Start A Business With Sales Of More Than 4 Million

- Nov 27, 2018-

Two years ago, cheng liqiang, a junior majoring in e-commerce at xuchang university, found in his research that xuchang, henan province, was the world's largest

Hair products production base, has hundreds of hair products enterprises, but most of the semi-finished products export, processing, profits are made by others. cheng

Liqiang thought that if he sold his products directly to foreign consumers and removed the intermediate links, there would be more profits.

In just two years, the company founded by cheng liqiang has grown from two people to eight people, with annual sales on amazon, Tmall and other e-commerce platforms

Well over $600,000. He also registered his trademark "beyond beauty" in the United States, and his favorite thing every day is to watch the package pass by

The airport sends them all over the world.

However, starting a business does not go smoothly. Cheng liqiang printed on the office wall of the two slogans "entrepreneurship is always on the road" "struggle

Youth is the most beautiful "every day to remind themselves to always retain the true colors of entrepreneurs.

From the very beginning, they ran into a big problem: there were no suppliers of wigs willing to cooperate with them, and no product sources.

"At that time, when I had time, I would go to contact the factory by motorcycle. At the very beginning, the quantity of products I wanted was not large

Willing to cooperate with us. Until one day, a company in yuzhou contacted us. "Cheng liqiang said.

The manufacturer agrees time is noon 12 o 'clock, cheng liqiang and classmate hold partner li guochao two words do not say, ride autocycle to catch from xu chang

To yuzhou, the temperature was more than 36 degrees Celsius, two young men in their early 20s ran more than 60 kilometers, came back at night found the neck has been sunburnt


"After that communication we had the first products we could sell." Li guochao recalled. They have a product. They have an online store.

But there were no customers. After struggling for three months, an Italian customer offered them their first deal.

"This deal has given us hope and caused us a lot of trouble." "Because it was just the beginning," Mr. Cheng recalled

Without knowing about the logistics of the border, I chose the relatively cheap sea transportation. As a result, it took 72 days for the goods to reach the customers, because the delay was too long

Time, finally had to refund in full.

The first order lost money, but gave them a vivid lesson. After that, they found a cross-border logistics company in shenzhen, then

Have a fixed logistics channel.

However, with only one or two deals a week, the company has been "struggling" for six months. "Some of our team members started moving

Shake, because that time really see no hope." "Cheng liqiang said.

To support the company, cheng liqiang took a part-time job on campus and opened a printing shop. "It's graduation season

Born to print graduation thesis and resume, a piece of A4 paper a dime, a few cents profit, a day can earn dozens of pieces. These small profits we

It's all in the hair business. "Cheng liqiang said.

The breakthrough came when a Russian customer placed an order for a $72 wig that was the size of the deal

Single make cheng liqiang and his partner rebound, more determined to start a business.

"We have no traditional trade background, no solid family background, no social experience, only the passion and perseverance of young people for entrepreneurship

The resilience to carry on. Cheng liqiang and his team gradually have a more perfect supply system, marketing means and fast logistics channels.

At the beginning, he and li guochao were the only two employees of cheng liqiang's company. They were both the boss and employees. Now they have special responsibilities for operation

8 employees of customer service, art, logistics and other work. Products are also sold to the United States, Russia and many countries in Europe and Africa on average every day

More than 100 orders, the annual sales in 2016 has reached more than $600,000, profit margin of 15%, is double the traditional wig manufacturers.

At present, this high-spirited "campus maker" has registered two domestic trademarks, one international trademark and several international telecommunications

Sub-business platform stores. Cheng liqiang and his team also use their knowledge of wig market and e-commerce.

We will provide information consulting and e-commerce training for traditional wig manufacturers, and enable them to independently carry out Internet marketing and marketing

Control product quality, develop new products and expand sales channels.

Although cheng graduated last year, students can still enjoy free tuition within two years of graduation, according to the school's regulations

Office space, computers, etc., and enjoy the convenience of loans and taxes.

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